General Knoledge questions Update

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, July 8, 2014
1. When did Indian government launch Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission?
A. 11th January, 2008.
B. 11th January, 2009.
C. 11th January, 2010.
D. 11th January, 2011.

2. Which of the following is a newly build Assamese Word Processor, which works similarly like Microsoft word?
A. Hostgator.
B. Amazon.
C. Simon.
D. Jhanbi.

3. Which acid used for digging of metal?
A. Salphuric Acid.B. Sitric Acid.
C. Nitric Acid.
D.Carbolic Acid.

4. Which gas is used in soda water?
A. Hno3
B. Hcl.
C. Carbon di Oxyde (Co2).
D.Oxygen (O2).

5. Dog and cat can't see properly at night because of which of the following reason?
A. less Rod cell in eyes.
B. too much Rod cell in eyes.
C. because they don't want to see dark things.
D. because they are born as a blind.

6. Glucose increase in blood due to which of the following reason?
A. Decrease of Insulin.
B. Increase of Insulin.
C. Due to too much Vitamin.
D. Due to too much protein intake.

7. Which part of a text appear on the top of a webpage?
A. Margine.
B. Message Box.
C. Header.
D. Footer.

8. Which system of a web platform allows user to search millions of pages by just typing a word?
A. Network.
B. Database.
C. Search Engine.
D. Program.

9. Table, form and queries used in Microsoft Access. These are called as-
A. Paragraph.
B. Objects.
C. Files.
D. Documents.

10. In MICROSOFT PowerPoint slides in presentation can be done with the help of which of the following function?
A. Transformation.
B. Animation.
C. Slide Maker.
D. Textual Transformation.