General Knowledge Quiz Blast

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, July 22, 2014
1. Wasim jaffer is a well known- sports person associated with which of the following sports?
A. Football Player.
B. Cricket Player.
C. Chess Player
D. Kabadi Player.

2. Arjuna Award is given in which of the following field?
A. Education.
B. Literature.
C. Peace.
D. Sports.

3. The book 'The inheritance of loss' is written by which of the following author?
A. Rabindranath Tagore.B. Dilip D'Souza.
C. Chetan Bhagat.
D. Kiren Desai.

4. The freely available tools for the repair of software bug on internet is called as-
A. Patch.
B. Crack
C. Missing file.
D. Registration.

5. What is the full form of URL used for locating a particular page on the web?
A. Uniform Resource Loactor.
B. Universe Resource Locator.
C. Universal Resource Locator.
D.Unlimited Resource Locator.

6. What is Market share of a company?
A. Interest given by a company.
B. Percent share of a company.
C. Profit earned by a company.
D. The extra income from each user by per unit.

7. 'CHALLENGER' is the name of which of the following things?
A. Aircraft.
B. Tank.
C. War Missile.
D. Space shuttle.

8. Which of the following country is the India's largest trading partner in the world?
B. Australia.
C. Nepal.
D. China.

9. International Civil Aviation Day is observed on which of the following date?
A. December 1.
B. December 7.
C. December 10.
D. December 21.

10. If pH value of a solution is less than 7 then the solution is which of the following format?
A. Acidic.
B. Basic.
C. Neutral.
D. Alkalinity.

11. Vinegar contains which of the following acid?
A. Citric acid.
B. Lactic acid.
C. Butyric acid.
D. Acetic acid.

12. Oxidation is a kind of process which happened with which of the following technique?
A. Addition of Oxygen.
B. Removal of Hydrogen.
C. Both Addition of Oxygen and Removal of Hydrogen.
D. Nitrogen removal technique.

Answer Key:

1. B. Cricket Player.
2. D.Sports
3. D. Kiren Desai
4. A. Patch
5. A. Uniform Resource Loactor
6. B. percent share of a company.
7. D. Space shuttle
8. D.China
9. B. December 7
10. A. Acidic
11. D. Acetic acid
12. C. Both Addition of Oxygen and Removal of Hydrogen.