General Knowledge Quizzes Trivia

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Friday, July 4, 2014
1. Which organization has the motto "Be prepared"?
A. Federal Reserve.
B. Reserve Bank of India.
C. The Boy Scouts.
D. Armenian Youth Federation.

2. What is Zeppelin?
A. a rocket launcher made by USA.
B. A motor driven airship with a rigid frame.
C. a surface to air missile build by India.
D. a  super computer.

3. What was the name of the mission that first landed man on the moon?
A. Warship I.B. Apollo 11.
C. Simon I.
D.Mars 11.

4. What is Altmaria in northern Spain famous for?
A. sand sculpture.
B. marble rocks.
C. Caves with pre-historic paintings and engravings.
D. kangaroos.

5. What does BP means with reference to time?
A. Beyond Limit.
B. Be Lated.
C. Before Present.
D. Before persistence.

6. Who was the legendary founder of Rome?
A. Sir Thomas Monro.
B. Romulus and Remes.
C. Carlos Di Austiva.
D. Alexander Flaming.

7. What are the most reliable industrial shares on a stock exchange called?
A. White Chip.
B. Blue Chip.
C. Red Chip.
D.Yellow Chip.

8. Which of the following greek statesman is called 'the father of democracy'?
A. Alexander Lucas.
B. Pericles.
C. Lucas Monro.
D. Stephen Flaming.

9. HTML is a language that is mostly used for which of the following purpose?
A. Programming.
B. Web pages.
C. Software.
D. Graphics Designing.

10. Generally a Maximize, Minimize and Close button appear on which of the following type of device?
A. Server.
B. Super Computer.
C. Network.
D. Window.