Latest Current Affairs July 2014

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Saturday, July 26, 2014
Q 1. 20th Commonwealth Games held at which of the following place?
A. Beijing, China.
B. Canberra, Australia.
C. Glasgow, Scotland.
D. Delhi, India.

Q 2. Who has been recently appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Telengana?
A. Sachin Tendulkar.
B. Sania Mirza.
C. Virat Kohli.
D. Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Q 3. Which of the following two persons jointly appointed as the DMD (Deputy Managing Director) of Exim Bank of India?
A. Shri Debasish mallick and Shri David Rasquinha.B. Shri Arun Jaitly and Shri Narendra Singh Tomar.
C. Usha Ananthasubramanian and Manmohan Singh.
D. Raghuram Rajan and Arundhati Bhattyacharya.

Q 4. The Kerala tourism recently honored with two awards by which of the following association?
A. DAA (Digital Analytics Association).
B. PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association).
C. Trade Association Forum.
D. ARA (Awards and Recognition Association).

Q 5. 2015 IBSA (India-Brazil-South Africa) summit will be held in which of the following country?
A. China.
B. India.
C. United States.
D. Japan.

Q 6. Who has been recently appointed as the Director of NICFS (National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science)?
A. Smt. Rina Mitra.
B. Smt. Uma Bharti.
C. Ranjt Kumar.
D. Rahul Khullar.

Q 7. Indian Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Shri. G. M. Siddeswara recently declared which three Airports as International Airports?
A. Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.
B. Kolkata, Mumbai and Bhopal.
C. Bhopal, Indore and Raipur.
D. Kolkata, Mumbai and Bagdogra.

Q 8. 2018 Commonwealth Games will be held at which of the following place?
A. Gold Coast, Australia.
B. Glasgow, Scotland.
C. Incheon, Korea.
D. Bangalore, India.

Q 9. What is the motto of 20th Commonwealth games 2014?
A. Peace to the game.
B. People, Place, Passion.
C. Country wise play.
D. Game to the finish.

Q 10. How many nations participated in 20th commonwealth games 2014 at Glasgow?
A. 21.
B. 71.
C. 91.
D. 121.

Q 11. Commonwealth games 2014 started from-
A. 23rd July.
B. 23rd March.
C. 25th April.
D. 23rd May.

Q 12. Wimbledon Tennis Championship 2014 Men's single's trophy won by whom?
A. Novak Djokovic.
B. Rafael Nadal.
C. Jack Sock.
D. Vasek Pospisil.