Physics - Physical Science Questions and Answers

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Wednesday, July 23, 2014
1. Which of the following instrument is used to measure electric current?
A. Viscometer.
B. Nephetometer.
C. Galvanometer.
D. Tacheometer.

2. Which of the following is measured in a unit called Farad?
A. Distance.
B. Temparature.
C. Capacitance.
D. Speed.


3. Which element is used to reduce the glare in sunglass?
A. Layer of color in sunglasses.B. Magnification Device.
C. Polaroids.
D. Lead glass.

4. Why food is prepared in pressure cooker more quickly than normal pan?
A. Pressure cooker is deeper than normal pan.
B. Normal pan cannot absorb heat for a long time.
C. The boiling point of water raised in pressure cooker.
D. Pressure cooker is made of good quality metal that can increase the boiling point of water.

5. In an electric bulb the filament is made of which of the following metal?
A. Iron.
B. Tungsten.
C. Copper.
D. Zinc.

6. In battery what type of conversion of energy is happened?
A. Electric to Chemical Energy.
B. Chemical energy to electrical energy.
C. Mechanical to Electric Energy.
D. Chemical to Mechanical Energy.

8. The intensity of sound is measure by which of the following unit?
A. Horse Power.
B. Hertz.
C. Decibel.
D. Volt.

9. Which of the following is related with the popular Lamberts law in physics?
A. Contamination.
B. Illumination.
C. Illustration.
D. Conversion.

10. Why the sky appears blue to us?
A. because of Scattering.
B. because of too much air.
C. because of diffusion.
D. because of the presence of too much water.

11. Which type of lens is used in magnifying glasses?
A. Single vision lenses only.
B. Converging lens.
C. Corrective lens.
D. Trifocal lenses.

12. One British Thermal Unit is equal to how much calorie?
A. 152 Calorie.
B. 252 Calorie.
C. 552 Calorie.
D. 1252 Calorie.

13. What is Accelaration?
A. Acceleration is the changing of momentum of an object.
B. Acceleration is the rate of changing the speed of a movable object.
C. Accelaration is the rate of change of velocity of an Object.
D. Accelaration is the rate of change of sound of an object.

14. Dynamo coverts Mechanical energy into which of the following energy?
A. Chemical Energy.
B. Electrical Energy.
C. Mechanical Energy.
D. Sound Wave.

15. With respect to Gravitational force Earth pulls a body towards which direction?
A. Earth pulls body towards its center.
B. Earth pulls body towards its back.
C. Earth pulls body towards its left..
D. Earth pulls body towards its right.