Quizzes on Some Basic Compuer Terms

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Thursday, July 17, 2014
1. Which of the following is a system software?
A. Microsoft Word.
B. Linux.
C. Firefox.
D. Microsoft Paint.

2. What of the following storage unit is the most lowest storage unit of the computer system?
A. Byte.
B. Kilo Byte.
C. Mega Byte.
D. Tera Byte.

3. A popular website named as Alexa.com is used as which of the following purpose on the web?
A. Software to create super computer.B. Hardware Device.
C. Online web analytic tool.
D. Mobile Phone Company.

4. What is the function of Volatile memory?
A. Even after power goes off data still remain in the memory.
B. Data get lost when power goes off.
C. When power goes off data transferred to other devices.
D. Volatile memory can not able to hold data.

5. Hub is what kind of device used in the filed of computer technology?
A. Software installation device.
B. Computer Networking device
C. Power generating device.
D. External Memory Devices to store backup data.

6. Which of the following storage unit is called as 'Quartet'?
A. Byte.
B. Nibble.
C. Bit.
D. Kilo Byte.

7.  Which of the following is/are the operation of TCL(Transaction Control Language)?

8. NetBeans is a popular IDE(Integrated Development Environment) primarily used for the development of which of the following aspect?
A. Artificial Intelligence.
B. Java programming Language.
C. Networking Operation.
D. Social media tools.

9. W3C is the standard organization for WWW (World Wide Web). What is the full form of W3C?
A. Wonderful and Widest Web Consortium.
B. World Widest Web Consortium.
C. World Wide Web Consortium.
D. World Wave Web Consortium.

10. How we can change a regular fonts into a Italics in Microsoft Word?
A. By pressing ctrl+I.
B. By pressing ctrl+B.
C. By pressing ctrl+T.
D. By pressing ctrl+L.


1. B
2. A
3. C
4. B
5. B
6. B
7. D
8. B
9. C
10. A