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Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, July 21, 2014
1. Who is the current chairman of SEBI(Security of Exchange Board of India)?
A. Arundati Bhattacharya.
B. U. K. Sinha.
C. Raghuram Rajan.
D. Urijit Patel.

2. The headquarter of OPEC (Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries) is situated at which of the following place?
A. Washington D.C.
B. Geneva, Switzerland.
C. Vienna, Austria.
D. Paris, France.

3. Which of the following country placed top at Global Peace Index 2014?
A. Iceland.B. Syria.
C. India.

4. Who composed the national anthem of India 'Jana Gana Mana'?
A. Amartya Sen.
B. Rabindranath Tagore.
C. Bankim Chnadra Bose.
D. Subhas Chandra Bose.

5. How many languages are there in Indian currency?
A. 5.
B. 15.
C. 17.
D. 25.

6. Who is the 23rd "Tirthankara" in jainism?
A. Mahavira.
B. Rishabha.
C. Parshanath.

7. Which of the following ocean is the world's largest ocean?
A. Atlantic Ocean.
B. Pacific Ocean.
C. Indian Ocean.
D.Southern Ocean.

8. FIBA is a sports organization that formed on 18 June, 193. What is the full form of FIBA?
A. International Football Association.
B. International Basketball Federation.
C. Football India Best Association.
D. Federation of Indian Basketball Association.

9. On which of the following date Human rights day is observed?
A. 10th August.
B. 1st December.
C. 10th December.
D. 25th December.

10. Teflon is a polymer used for which of the following purpose?
A. Automobile Industries.
B. For Electronic goods.
C. Kitchen Ware (Nonstick).
D. Preparing Fruit Juices.

11. Virus or bacteria have which type of cell structure?
A. Eukaryotic type.
B. Prokaryotic type.
C. Cells that structured with microtubules.
D. Structured with cytoskeleton.