General Knowledge questions for SSC Combined HS Level Exam

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Saturday, August 2, 2014

1. When did Muslim League adopt Self-Government as one of its objectives?

A. 1919.
B. 1939.
C. 1912.
D. 1908.


2. Individual civil Disobedience movement was launched in which of the following year?

A. 1940.
B. 1942.
C. 1945.
D. 1946.


3. Subhas Chandra Bose Proclaimed the establishment of Government of India at which of the following place?

A. Bangkok.
B. Singapore.
C. Rangoon.
D. Delhi.


4. On increasing the pressure, the melting point of ice is getting lowered. This phenomenon is known as-

A. Condensation.
B. Regelation.
C. Fusion of ice.
D. Expansion of ice.


5. In the presence of oxygen, things-

A. Burn dimly.
B. Burn brightly.
C. Do not burn at all.
D. Burn rapidly and are immediately reduced to ashes.


6. Battle of Marathon held in 490 BC between which of the following forces?

A. British and French fleets.
B. The British and the Egyptian forces.
C. Athenians and Persians.
D. Guptas abd Marathas.


7. First Olympic game held in which of the following year?

A. Greece.
B. China.
D. Iran.


8. We known that Scalar Quantities have magnitude but does not have direction. Then which of the following is a scalar Quantity?

A. Velocity.
B. Force.
C. Acceleration.
D. Energy.


9. In the field of Physics which Law is called as the Law of inertia?

A. Newton's First Law of Motion.
B. Newton's Second Law of Motion.
C. Newton's Third Law of Motion.
D. Coulomb's law.


10. Which of the following is the example of Longitudinal wave?

A. Wave consists of Photon.
B. Wave on surface of water.
C. Sound waves in air.
D. Wave of electric current.