Latest Current Affairs 2014

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Question 1: Which Nation topped at Medal in the 20th Commonwealth Games 2014?

A. India.
B. Australia.
C. England.
D. Canada.



Question 2: After a two days official visit on the month of August, 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered $1 billion credit to-

A. Nepal.
C. Bangladesh.
D. Russia.



Question 3: India got how many Gold Medal's at 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow?

A. 15.
B. 30.
C. 64.
D. 19.



Question 4: Abhinav Bindra won gold at 20th CWG- Commonwealth Games in which of the following Event?

A. Men's Badminton.
B. Men's shooting, 50 m Pistol.
C. Men's weightlifting, 77 kg.
D. Men's 10m Air Rifle.



Question 5: Sushil Kumar won gold at 20th Commonwealth games in which of the following Event?

A. Men's wrestling, 65kg
B. Men's weightlifting 56 kg.
C. Men's wrestling, 75kg.
D. Men's weightlifting, 77 kg.



Question 6: Who is elected as the first Chief Minister of the newly created State of India, Telangana?

A. Nara Chandrababu naidu.
B. Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao.
C. Shri Virbhadra Singh.
D. Omar Abdullah.



Question 7: On 1st June 2014 Telangana is inaugurated as the new state of India. It is the-

A. 10th State of India.
B. 19th State of India.
C. 20th State of India.
D. 29th State of India.



Question 8: Gariphema village is declared as the "Tobacco free village". It is in-

A. Assam.
B. Manipur.
C. Nagaland.
D. West Bengal.



Question 9: The perfect allrounder of cricket, Jacques Kallis retired from all formats of the game. He is from which of the following nation?

A. South Africa.
B. India.
C. Australia.
D. Pakistan.



Question 10: Who is appointed as National Security Advisor on 30th May 2014?

A. Rahul Khullar.
B. Shri Ajit Doval.
C. Ranjit Kumar.
D. Arup raha.



Question 11: Who is the current Solicitor General of India?

A. Rahul Khullar.
B. Mukul Rohatgi.
C. Ranjit Kumar.
D. V. S. Sampath.



Question 12: On 87th Spelling Bee competition an Indian and a American person jointly win the competition. Name of these two persons are-

A. Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe.
B. Shefali Razdan Duggal and E L James.
C. Apurvi Chandela and E L James.
D. E L James and Uma Bharti.



Question 13: India's popular Television channels under TV18 Broadcast Ltd. handed over to which of the following company?

A. Tata Group.
C. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL).
D. Accenture.



Question 14: Recently which nation become the 160th member of World Trade Organisation (WTO)?

A. Brunei.
B. Yemen.
C. Malaysia.
D. India.



Question 15: Who has been recently appointed as the Principal secretary to Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi?

A. Ajit Kumar Doval.
B. Ranjit Kumar.
C. Om Praksh Kohli.
D. Nripendra Mishra.



Question 16: Who is the Attorney General of India?

A. Mukul Rohatgi.
B.  Raj Nath Singh.
C. Arun Jaitly.
D. Venkaiah Naidu.



Question 17: Recently Exim Bank extended a sum of in line of credit to Nigeria for building energy projects, the sum is-

A. $100 million.
B. $200 million.
C. $300 million.
D. $400 million.



Question 18: Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi is the-

A. 11th PM of India.
B. 12th PM of India.
C. 14th PM of India.
D. 15th PM of India.