Computer Knowledge Questions for IBPS RRB Exam 2014

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, September 2, 2014
1. We can get the output from which of the following device?
A. Monitor.
B. Keyboard.
C. Mouse.
D. Scanner.

2. Which of the following is the main advantage of using Local Area Network(LAN)?
A. Sharing peripherals between computers.
B. Saving all data.
C. Quick backup of data.
D. Quick access to the internet.

3. Computer printer is what kind of device?
A. Input Device.B. Output Device.
C. Storage Device.
D. A device that helps to start the computer.

4. Which of the following unit helps computer to manage its resources?
A. Input and Output Devices.
B. Control Unit.
C. Arithmatic Logical Unit (ALU).
D. Secondary Memory.

5. Collection of Email address is called as which of the following option?
A. URL (Uniform Resource Locator).
B. Mailing list.
C. Files of information.
D. Address Book.

6. You can get maximum how many possible values with 8 bits?
A. 255.
B. 256.
C. 1024.
D. 128.

7. A compact disc(CD) is of which of the following shape?
A. Square.
B. Rectangular.
C. Round.
D. Hexadiagonal.

8. What kind of device is used in a digital camera?
A. Input Device.
B. Ouput Device.
C. Storage Device.
D. Processing Device.

9. Basically a file is uniqely identified with the help of which of the following properties?
A. File Size.
B. Filename.
C. File Extension.
D. File Type.

10. Personal digital assistant (PDA) is a example of which of the following type of computer?
A. Workstation.
B. Mainframe Computer.
C. Portable Computer.
D. Desktop.

11. Which of the following device is not present in a computer tower?
A. Processor.
B. Motherboard.
C. Mouse.
D. RAM (Random Access Memory).