Quizzes on Mars Orbiter Mission

1. How much payload consist in the mars orbiter mission?
A. 10 kg.
B. 15 kg.
C. 55 kg.
D. 100 kg.

2. ISRO is an organisation involved in Mars Orbiter Mission. What is the full form of ISRO?
A. Indian Space Research Organization.
B. Indian Satellite Research Organisation.
C. International Space Research Organisation.
D. International Satellite Research Organisation.

3. What is the full form of PSLV?
A. Polar Solar Launch Vehicle.B. Primary Solar Launch Vehicle.
C. Planetary Satellite Launch Vehicle.
D. Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

4. Which of these following nation at first become successful for Mars mission?
A. India.
B. United States.
C. Russia.
D. China.

5. Apporximately how much it was cost for the Mars Orbiter Mission?
A. $7 million.
B. $73 million.
C. $730 million.
D. $7300 million.

6. Satish Dhawan Space Centre, a rocket launching center by ISRO situated in which of the following state in India?
A. Jammu and Kashmir.
B. Andhra Pradesh.
C. Tamil Nadu.
D. Telengana.

7. What was the approximate period of mars Orbiter Mission?
A. 36 Hours.
B. 72 hours.
C. 90 hours.
D. 120 hours.

8. What is the total duration period of already planned Mars Orbiter Mission or MOM?
A. 1 Month
B. Three months.
C. Six months.
D. 1 Year.

9. IDSN is a communication network of Indian Space Research Organisation. What is the full form of IDSN?
A. Integrated Developed Space Network.
B. Indian Deep Space Network.
C. International Deep Satellite Network.
D. Indian Dynamic Space Network.

10. Which of the following is the second smallest planet in the solar system?
A. Mercury.
B. Mars.
C. Venus.
D. Earth.


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Thanks for the information

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I love my india

rambhai said...

Guys just spread thanks to Indian space scientists. It is a fantastic achievement. The entire nation is proud for this.
Do you know guys that isro just spend 4 rupees per person.
They have able to do this mission successful at one shot.

Agoura koi said...

Hoping much more improvements in Indian technology

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Tremendous achievement

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It will inspire Indian youth

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India has shown what it can do in indigenous technology

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India has created global history.

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Congratulations isro for the successful red planet mission

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US is the first one to reach at mars.