Some General Knowledge About Computer

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Question: 1
Who is called as the "Father of the computer"?

A. Charles Babbage.
B. Dennis Ritchie.
C. Howard Ekin.
D. Bill Gates.

Question: 2
Which of the following devices is used as the main electronic components in third generation computers?

A. Electronic Valve Vaccum Tube.
B. Integrated Circuit.
C. Transistor.
D. Largely Integrated Circuit.

Question: 3
Which of the following person/person's at first invented Electronic computer?

A. Howard Ekin.
B. J.P Ekart and John Moschley.
C. John Van Newman.
D. Charls Babbage.

Question: 4
Some computer are designed to perform a task with the help of multiple CPU's. This type of function of a computer is called as-

A. Multitasking.
B. Multiprocessing.
C. Multiprogramming.
D. Multiplexing.

Question: 5
In which of the following computer generation Transistor is used as the main electronic components?

A. First Generation.
B. Second Generation.
C. Third Generation.
D. Fourth Generation.

Question: 6
Ethernet is a computer technology used for which of the following aspect of computer?

(A) Hardware Upgrading.
(B) Computer Networking.
(C) Application Development.
(D) Developing Programming Languages.

Question: 7
Which of the following types of computer is mainly used by big corporate and government industries for bulk data storage?

(A) Personal Computer (PC).
(B) Mainframe Computer.
(C) Embedded Computer.
(D) Programmable Devices.

Question: 8
In 1642 AD Blaise Pascal had developed first Mechanical calculator with the name of-

B. Simon.
C. Pascalene.
D. Mark-I.

Question: 9
What is computer Protocol?

(A) Protocol is the set of rules for digital data exchange.
(B) Protocol is the device which helps data to be transferred from one computer to another computer.
(C) Protocol is the standard hardware devices of a computer.
(D) Protocol is the connection between two or more computers.

Question: 10
What is the name of the First electronic computer?

(A) Pascalene.