Most Important Current Affairs December 2020

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Friday, December 4, 2020

Read the most important current affairs questions answers of December 2020 covering latest national news, games, sports, politics, news affairs and more.

Q1. Which of the following state has recently ban online gaming to stop fraud?

  • (A)   Odisha
  • (B)   Uttar Pradesh
  • (C)   Gujarat
  • (D)   Andhra Pradesh

Answer: D. Andhra Pradesh

Q2. The popular “Dadaji” and owner of MDH, Mahashay Dharampal Gulati passed away on December 3, 2020. He was also known as-

  • (A)   The king of spices
  • (B)   The king of yoga
  • (C)   The king of oil
  • (D)   None of these

Answer: A. The king of spices

Q3. Mahashay Dharampal Gulati the owner of MDH own Padma Bhushan award in which of the following year?

  • (A)   2017
  • (B)   2018
  • (C)   2019
  • (D)   2020

Answer: C. 2019

Q4. The Duare Sarkar scheme by West Bengal government will help in-

  • (A)   Improving the infrastructure of various industries
  • (B)   Doorstep delivery of Govt. Schemes
  • (C)   Stopping Fraud or Scam in Public Places
  • (D)   None of these

Answer: B. Doorstep delivery of Govt. Schemes

Q5. Indian Skipper Virat Kohli recently became the fastest players to reach 12000 runs in-

  • (A)   ODI Format
  • (B)   Test Format
  • (C)   20-20 Format
  • (D)   None of these

Answer: C. 20-20 Format

Q6. India and ___ signed a MoU on December 3, 2020 for protecting Intellectual Property and Strengthening IP System?

  • (A)   China
  • (B)   United States
  • (C)   United Kingdom
  • (D)   Russia

Answer: B. United States

Q7. The Government of India has signed a loan agreement of $133 with ADB (Asian Development Bank) to strengthen the power sector of which of the following state?

  • (A)   West Bengal
  • (B)   Meghalaya
  • (C)   Maharashtra
  • (D)   Karnataka

Answer: B. Meghalaya

Q8. BrahMos missile is a collaboration missile project between which of the following countries?

  • (A)   India-China
  • (B)   India-Japan
  • (C)   India-United States
  • (D)   India-Russia

Answer: D. India-Russia

Q9. As per the notice by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) RTGS payments can be done on-

  • (A)   24x7 in all days of a week
  • (B)   7AM to 8PM in All days except the holidays

Answer: A. 24x7 in all days of a week

Q10. The Supreme Court of India has recently directed to install CCTVs at all-

  • (A)   Public Banks
  • (B)   Police Stations & Investigation Offices
  • (C)   Schools
  • (D)   Hospitals

Answer: B. Police Stations & Investigation Offices