Weekly Current Affairs Quiz 1 December - 7 December, 2020

Posted by Editorial Stuff on Monday, December 7, 2020

Current affairs help you to read and get aware about latest news, sports, events, technology, inventions and other matters.

It is also one of the most important parts for any competitive exam preparation. And the secret to answer all current affairs questions at the time of exam is by following national and international breaking news and current events that appearing every day.

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz 1 December - 7 December, 2020

Here in this post we will cover some of the most important and highlighted news events from 1-7 December, 2020 in quiz format which will help you to stay updated with the current trends and prepare for various competitive exams in India.

Q1. Kolkata Metro Railway has decided to run ____ services from December 7, 2020?

A. 190

B. 204

C. 250

D. 290

Answer: B. 204. To enhance passenger convenience for the public in Kolkata the Kolkata Metro has decided to run 204 trains instead of 190 with extra timings and additional services.

Q2. Which of the following state hosts the first virtual celebration of Hornbill Festival 2020?

A. Nagaland

B. Karnataka

C. Tamil Nadu

D. Uttar Pradesh

Answer: A. Nagaland

Q3. Recently with which country Bangladesh has signed its first Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA)?

A. India

B. China

C. Russia

D. Bhutan

Answer: D. Bhutan

Q4. Which of the following person will virtually inaugurate the construction of the Agra Metro Project?

A. Narendra Modi

B. Amit Shah

C. Adityanath Yogi

D. None of them

Answer: A. Narendra Modi

Q5. The Indian Finance ministry has said that the revenue from the GST tax exceeded 1 lakh crore Rupees in November which, is a growth of ____ year-on-year.

A. 1 %

B. 1.4%

C. 2%

D. 2.5%

Answer: B. 1.4%

Q6. Neeraj Chopra, Shivpal Singh and Annu Rani arrived at Kalinga Stadium to prepare for upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021. These three players are-

A. Shooter

B. Footballer

C. Tennis Players

D. Javelin Throwers

Answer: D. Javelin Throwers

Q7. The information and broadcasting ministry has recently issues an advisory for online gaming and fantasy sports on-

A. Social Media

B. News Channels

C. Television

D. None of these

Answer: C. Television

Q8. Which of the following person has been named for the President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) for the year 2020-21?

A. Sanjiv Mehta

B. Uday Shankar

C. Pawan Kr Agarwal

D. Dilip Mitra Chenoy

Anwer: B. Uday Shankar

Q9. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently ask which of the following private bank to halt the issue of new credit cards?

A. HDFC Bank

B. Axis Bank

C. Yes Bank

D. Bandhan Bank

Answer: A. HDFC Bank

Q10. In RBI Monetary Policy 2020-21 the repo rate unchanged at-

A. 3%

B. 4%

C. 5%

D. 6%

Answer: B. 4%